After introducing children’s spreads in April, Hamánek is introducing more products intended for its youngest diners to its portfolio. The new complementary foods and soups are an excellent addition to the brand’s current portfolio and ensure that your child eats a complete and balanced diet throughout the entire day.

“Your child’s healthy growth is very important to us. It is important that the children enjoy their meals and eat a high-quality and varied diet. This is why we follow modern trends in the nutrition of young children and also listen to the requirements of their parents,” says Jana Babicová from the Marketing Department.

New products for enhancing your child’s menu:

 First vegetable complementary food is intended for the youngest children. It does not contain gluten or any thickeners. Parents can choose from three versions:

  • First carrot
  • First carrot with potato
  • First peas

 Soups are a good source of fluids and help keep your child hydrated. These soups do not contain any thickeners:

  • Cream of pea
  • Spinach – pea with oat flakes (with egg yolk)
  • Pumpkin – carrot soup


Meat-vegetable and vegetable complementary food is popular with parents because it is easy to use - simply heat it up. We have introduced three new flavours with modern ingredients onto the market:

  • Millet risotto with chicken
  • Tomato, carrot and red lentil purée
  • Vegetable purée with red lentils and oat flakes